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Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloween Story

This following story is my first try at making a scary Halloween story. Please read (if you dare) and give me your feedback please on my Halloween horror story...

This story has no title as of yet...

In the year 1700 in the countryside of Cornwall in England there was a lady who was engaged to a gentleman. Their names though recorded those records were lost and burned in the great fire of 1776. Very little is known about them and their story except for what I am about to share with you... 

They were happily in love this young couple who were engaged. They were counting down the days until their wedding. It was the evening before their wedding and they were enjoying a stroll talking as young lovers always do. However the next morning both that lady and that gentleman had vanished without a trace. The police searched high and low for them but it was all in vain. The gentleman was never seen or heard from ever again. The lady however was not found until about a month later...

There was a doctor in Cornwall at the time this couple had vanished who had great skill. Such skill had not yet been seen this doctor was very brilliant some say he was ahead of his time with his medical expertise. His name was Dr. Alastair William Higgins. Everyone had marveled at Dr.Higgins brilliance but he had a very dark secret that he dare not share. In order to know about the human body one had to see it and x-rays were not yet invented so to learn what he needed to know Dr.Higgins had hired body snatchers to get bodies for him to experiment on to learn more about the human body from. No one knew this secret except for Dr.Higgins and his body snatchers whom he paid very handsomely to keep quiet. The body snatchers would often get their corpses from the graveyards or the morgues but every once in a while these body snatchers would find someone living but by the time they returned to Dr.Higgins well these people would no longer be living... 

Dr.Higgins about a month after this couple had vanished had hired his body snatchers to get him another corpse as he needed to do an operation but in order to do it he would need to see a female adult corpse and dissect the corpse. The body snatchers came back with a female corpse. The doctor thanked them and one of the body snatchers a cockney man replied "no thanks necessary doctor. I done this many a time but this one was a strange one doctor." To which Dr.Higgins asked "strange in what way?" The cockney gent replied "well doctor twas strange because the coffin ya see well the inside the top under the lid ya know well it looked as though it had been scratched as if by human finger nails. Tis strange it was..." 

Little did this cockney gentleman or the doctor or anyone else know but this was the lady the police had been searching for. But she had decomposed so much she was not recognizable and her grave had no headstone to tell who had been buried there. Perhaps there were clues there to tell who had been there and who had buried the lady but the body snatchers paid no attention to their surroundings they just got the body and left...

Well the doctor dissected her and performed yet another brilliant surgery on a patient and this patient because of the surgery owed Dr.Higgins their life. Later that night he retired to bed he turned out his lamp and was almost asleep when he seemed to hear a voice. Startled awake he lit his lamp and looked around but no one was there. Thinking maybe it was the wind that had kicked up outside he was about to put out his lamp again when he seemed to hear a lady singing. The singing sounded faint and far away. He wondered what lady would be singing in the middle of the night. He decided to get up and investigate this singing. He went to the wing of his house where all his servants slept wondering if one of them were singing but the singing wasn't coming from there. He wondered about his house and he got near his morgue where he kept the corpses he dissected and experimented on. When he got near it the singing became louder the singing of a lady was coming from the morgue. A lady was singing "now both these blood-hounds him engage, as hungry tigers filled with rage, nor did they handle axe or knife, to take away daft Jamie's life." Dr.Higgins went very pale at hearing these words being sung from a lady in his morgue. He summoned his courage however and went into his morgue to see who on earth was singing in his morgue. He entered the morgue and followed the singing and the singing came from a corpse that was laying on a table. It was the lady that had vanished and was buried a she was covered with a white sheet as Dr.Higgins always had his corpses covered with a white sheet he thought it was more respectful for the dead. The lady who had vanished now laying in his morgue it was her corpse that the singing was coming from and suddenly as he realized the singing was coming from her her corpse sat up and shrieked at the top of her lungs "NOW BOTH THESE BLOOD-HOUNDS HIM ENGAGE, AS HUNGRY TIGERS FILLED WITH RAGE, NOR DID THEY HANDLE AXE OR KNIFE, TO TAKE AWAY DAFT JAMIE'S LIFE!"  Dr.Higgins screamed himself and then he woke up  sweating profusely and yelling at the top of his lungs... 

The next morning which seemed long in the coming as Dr.Higgins never did sleep again that night he tried to put the whole thing out of his head and forget about his dream. The whole day though he kept hearing the lady keep singing that same song those same words over and over no matter how hard he tried to forget them. It got worse as he kept having that same nightmare every night and every day no matter where he went or what he did he kept hearing the lady sing that same song those same words over and over. When he asked anyone around him if they heard a lady singing when he did they only laughed at him or looked at him as if he were crazy. Dr.Higgins thought he would definitely go insane if this kept up he just couldn't take it anymore it had been a week of this same nightmare, this same singing, this same song, these same words over and over something had to be done. Dr.Higgins had an idea and he hoped it would relive him he would tell his body snatcher's to get rid of the corpse as far away from him and his home as possible and then he would go on a nice long vacation after all he was very tired. So that is exactly what he did and though confused his body snatchers did as he paid them very handsomely to do they got rid of the ladies corpse. As they were in transport taking the corpse elsewhere the body snatchers were suddenly aware of a lady singing "now both these blood-hounds him engage, as hungry tigers filled with rage, nor did they handle axe or knife, to take away daft Jamie's life." The body snatcher's hurriedly got rid of the corpse and were never seen or heard from again. They just seemed to vanish from the face of the earth....

What happened to Dr.Higgins? Well he never got rid of the singing nor the nightmares he was driven insane by them and committed suicide by hanging himself... 

We'll now fast forward into 2016. The mystery of that couple was never solved though many attempted to solve it. It wasn't that to long ago very recent in fact when an unknown man happened to come upon an empty grave in Cornwall England. You see he heard a lady singing and was trying to figure out where the singing was coming from and the singing came from the empty grave. A lady was singing "now both these blood-hounds him engage, as hungry tigers filled with rage, nor did they handle axe or knife, to take away daft Jamie's life." What happened to this man? No one knows even with today's technology not a trace of who he was or where he went was ever found...

To this day these mysteries remain unsolved. To this day whenever someone has heard this lady sing this song they have either died a violent death, driven insane and committed suicide or have vanished without a trace. Rumours fly that this lady is cursed and if you should hear a lady singing and you don't recognize her voice and you don't know where the singing is coming from don't investigate run. For whoever follows the singing ends up disappearing or in the grave... 

The mysteries above are now told as a fictional tale. Something to tell around the campfire on a Halloween night. Is this story fictional though? You be the judge just beware if you hear a lady singing that song... 

                                                  The End 

This story was entirely fictional (maybe) and all names in this story were made up (perhaps) any connection between anyone and people named in this story are entirely coincidental (maybe.) 

The song is real but it is not my song I didn't make it up. Here is the whole song 

For more information on this song please visit this link

Monday, October 17, 2016

Music I listen to part 2

From now on every Monday is music Monday here on this blog. So every Monday I'll list my top ten favorite Christian and secular songs that I listen to...
Here are lists of the Christian and secular music that I am now enjoying.

My top ten favorite Christian songs in no particular order

1. Music - Manic Drive

2. Avalanche - Manafest

3. Awake And Alive - Skillet

4. Monster - Skillet

5. Jesus Freak - Newsboys

6. Tonight - S.O.C.O.M featuring J.T Logan

7. Life After Death - KJ-52

8. Dear X, You Don't Own Me - Disciple

9. All Over Me - Petra

10. Take Me In - Petra

My top ten favorite secular songs in no particular order

1. Don't Wait For Heroes - Dennis DeYoung

2. High Time - Styx

3. I Need To Know - Marc Anthony

4. Battlefield - Jordin Sparks

5. Hurry Up And Save Me - Tiffany Giardina

6. Stupid Girls - Pink

7. Don't Stop The Music - Rihanna

8. Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

9. Bang Bang - Cher

10. Invincible - Pat Benatar

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Follow Friday

In this blog I will list the top ten people on Twitter I think you should follow but before that I want to say that the email for theworldofmismatchedsocks has been hacked and suspended. I'm sorry for this inconvenience just blame whoever it was that hacked my email.

To whoever it was that hacked my email. Do you not have anything better to do? Do you not have better ways to spend your time? Yes that email was suspended but I have other emails I use and I can just set up another email account for this blog which I will do. So really what do you get out of it?

Now on with the follow Friday list. Here are the top ten people I think you should follow on Twitter in no particular order.

1. @JennyFord901 - That's me please follow me on Twitter.

2. @frazmom2 - A mom who advocate's for her teenage son who has Asperger's.

3. @MyMnMLife - A Christian Mom who blogs about SPD and has three boys.

4. @reasearchpod - A student who researches Autism spectrum disorders and health related issues.

5. @twitterfaith - Religious tweets from around the world.

6. @HerStory_Inc - Non-Profit Emergency & Recovery Housing for homeless women battling drug and alcohol addiction.

7. @ProLifeBlogs - A team of people who blog and tweet on pro life

8. @AgainstSuicide - An agency working at preventing suicide.

9. @likeasquarepeg - A fellow Aspie advocating for Autism/Aspergers.

10. @Bible_Time - Quotes from the Bible.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Why I'm pro life


I am pro life I am against abortion. Some say abortion is a woman's choice that's why those for abortion call themselves pro choice. I just want to know what about the child's choice? Doesn't that child deserve a right to live? Oh that's right they view it as a tissue not a child they say the child is not a living human. I beg to differ. If the child is not living in the first place then why the need to kill them? Something has to be alive in order to be killed. You can't kill something that isn't alive. There is also proof that the child is alive.

18 days their heart is beating. A heart beat is a symptom that someone is alive don't you think so? A person's heart can't beat if they are not alive.

A person can't scream, jerk, flinch or flee in terror if they are dead. It seems to me that these babies these children these human beings are living when they are aborted.

There are 1.1 U.S abortions each year.

There are several methods in performing abortion. I am only going to mention a couple of those methods. The following may be very disturbing for some to read but if you are pro choice it shouldn't bother you at all. This is what you're saying is ok if you are pro choice.

Dilation and Curettage (D&C)
Occasionally used through the 12th week. After dilation or the cervix, a curette is inserted into the uterus. That baby's body is cut into pieces and extracted, often by suction. The uterine wall is then scraped to remove the placenta and confirm that the uterus is empty.

Dilation and Evacuation (D&E)
Performed up to 18 weeks. Forceps are inserted into the uterus, grabbing and twisting the baby's body to dismember it. If the head is too large it must be crushed in order to remove it.

Used in the last three months of pregnancy. The womb is entered by a surgical incision in the abdominal wall, similar to a C-section. However, the abdominal cord is usually cut while the baby is still in the womb, cutting off the oxygen supply and causing suffocation. Sometimes, though, the baby is delivered alive and left unattended to die.

Performed during the second half of pregnancy. A hormone-like compound is injected into the muscle of the uterus causing intense contractions and pushing out the baby. The violent contractions often crush the baby to death, though many babies have been born alive using this procedure, then left to die.

Saline Injection
Usually performed during months four through seven. A 20% salt solution (the normal salt solution is .9%) is injected into the mother's abdomen into the babies amniotic fluid. The baby ingests the solution and dies of salt poisoning, dehydration, and hemorrhaging of the brain. The baby's skin is burned off. A dead, or dying baby is delivered. A baby born alive is usually left unattended to die, though some have survived.

For more methods and facts on abortion please visit these links.

Instead of aborting your child if you don't want them why not give them up for adoption? There are many parents out there unable to have children who would love to be the parents of the child that you don't want. You may say they were conceived in rape. If that's the case I'm sorry that happened rape is a horrible, awful, evil, cruel thing that no one deserves. But that doesn't mean you should punish your child by killing them. After all it wasn't the child's fault they were conceived in rape was it? You may say they may be born with disabilities and they wouldn't want to live. I beg to differ. I have Asperger's and I want to live and there are dozens of people with disabilities on this planet who want to live as well.

"For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from You when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be." Psalm 139: 13-16.

If you still think abortion is ok then look at these pictures. These following pictures may be disturbing to some but if you're pro choice they shouldn't bother you at all. If you are pro choice then look at these pictures and then say that it's ok.

Do those look ok to you? Those are pictures of aborted babies.

I for one am pro life. How about you?

(None of theses pictures are mine. I found them on different sites on the internet.)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Announcements Part Two

I got a couple of new gadget's on this blog and so I want to tell what they are, where they are and what they do.

On the left side just below the Subscribe To gadget is a Follow By Email gadget. This let's you follow this blog via email.

On the right side below the Translate gadget is a poll that I'm ask you all to please participate in. I'm thinking of making a Twitter for this blog but before I do I want to see if anyone would follow it. So please vote on the poll if you would follow a Twitter for this blog. This poll will close on the 14th of this month at midnight.

Also there will be a poll in the future as to a Pinterest for this blog and there will be another upcoming poll about a website for this blog so please stay tuned for that.

Below the Twitter poll is a Pages gadget and it says Blog links and contact information. That contains the links to blogs email, Facebook page and Tumblr. This way I don't have to keep repeating this information.

If you keep scrolling down on the right side you'll see a long list of words. These words are labels in my blog think of them as hashtags. The number beside each word is how many times that word has been used in my blog. If you click on a word a list of all the blogs that contain that word will pop up.

I encourage you to please try all of my gadgets on my blog and please give me your feedback on how the gadgets work for you and your thoughts on them.

Also I was looking at my past blogs and I noticed that my most popular blog posts were stories that I made up. So I'll be making up some stories and posting them here for you all to read since they were so popular. I enjoy making up stories so it'll be fun.