Saturday, September 11, 2010


On that day I was in Canada getting out my lessons when my Mom came in and told me that planes had hit the twin towers. I was in disbelief. I saw it on the news. I just prayed for all those people. I will never forget... Ever. And I'm furious that now they wanna build a mosque there. After what happened?? TAKE YOUR MOSQUE ELSEWHERE!! How can you even think of putting something like that there after what happened?? That should be a memorial place with a great big plaque with all the names of who were lost there and the names of all the firemen who were lost and the names of the firemen who were there and were our heros. And at the bottom of it in big letters should be "WE WILL NEVER FORGET..."

Please comment below on where you were and what you saw and what you felt on that day.


cleodog7 said...

I was in was about 6 a.m. when I got the phone call to turn on my t.v. I remember laying in bed and being sick to my stomach. I was in disbelief. Then I heard about the Penatgon plane. The thing that got to me the most though was the people who chose to jump out the windows. There are no words to describe what I thought about what those people must have been thinking as they jumped to their deaths. But then there was also the anger and confused feelings of those that chose to die for by suicide and take innocent lives in the process. God have mercy.

Sparrow Rose said...

I had gone out to get some groceries and walked home and got online. Someone wrote, "turn on your television" and I wrote "which channel?" and they wrote, "it doesn't matter. It will be on all of them." So I turned on the television just in time to see the second tower fall.

Thomas said...

I was at work on a break and having something to eat in the canteen. I saw the smoke billowing out then had to go back to work driving a bus. I was numbed by it.