Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Autism is a blue rose

Imagine a field of red roses. They all smell and look the same. But 1 out of ever 110 there is a blue rose. You see this one blue rose. It smells the same but looks different. Why is this rose different you ask?? This blue rose has autism. It looks pretty and smells nice. But it is alone. The farmer looks at it says "this is wrong it must change. It is blue not red." One person yells to the farmer "Hey! Are you aware that it is blue?? I'm spreading awareness of blue roses." Farmer nods "Ya I'm aware that's why I'm changing it." Now you must speak up and yell to the farmer "Hey! Just because it's blue doesn't mean there is something wrong with it! Why don't you accept it and tend to it and see what happens!?" So go on and speak up! Today is the day to speak up on behalf of autism.

The difference between autism awareness and autism accpetance

Awareness says: Oh your different ok bye.
Acceptance says: Your different not less I wanna get to know you.

Awareness says: That sweater doesn't feel good?? Well that's life deal with it.
Acceptance says: Oh that sweater doesn't feel good lets find one that does.

Awareness says: Stop rocking back and forth nobody else does that.
Acceptance says: Your rocking back and forth. Is something bothering you or can I join you that looks like fun.

Awareness says: Stop looking at the fan it won't change.
Acceptance says: Would you like another fan to look at??

Being aware is not enough its time to start accepting autism. Its like just being aware of Cancer you can't just be aware of it you gotta speak out! Autism is speaking. Are you listening??

Ten autism facts

1. Autism is different not less.
2. Autism is not a disease you will not catch it.
3. Autistic people are not stupid.
4. Just because a person with autism can't communicate doesn't mean they don't feel or think what you do.
5. Autism is more then just a label its a whole personality that needs to be accepted.
6. Autism is not a death sentance. When your child is diagnosed don't automatically think there gonna be institutionalized. There are many things out there. Never lose hope.
7. The worst thing to do with a newly diagnosed child with autism is nothing.
8. If your autistic your not alone. Your not stupid. Your normal its the rest of the world that's crazy lol.
9. Nobody grows out of autism its a lifelong disability.
10. Also don't concentrate on what you can't do. Concentrate on what you can do. Let people get to know you and not just your disability

Why autistics speaking day was and still is so important and communication shutdown accomplishes NOTHING!

We all need to speak up for autism! Alot of children,teens and adults are unable to speak for themselves so those of us who can speak really need to. And just because they can't speak doesn't mean they can't think or feel what you think and feel. I for one have trouble communicating sometimes which is why I write letters. But not speaking. What good will that do?? How can you accomplish anything by not speaking?? SPEAK UP I WANNA HEAR AND SO DO THE OTHER AUTISTIC PEOPLE OF THE WORLD! Don't let anything stop you! Right now twitter won't let me tweet or RT anything so I'm having my friend Craig Walker RT things for me and I will blog my heart out on here today. I'm @JennyFord901 and I'm autistic and proud and I approve this message.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Autistics speaking day. Things about being autistic and how it effects me that I think you should know

1. I wear high heals cause it reminds me of when I used to walk on my toes. I miss the sensation of walking on my toes so high heals are the next best thing.
2. I get black moods when there are many changes around me and when the seasons change. There kinda like depression. I retreat into my world and I rock myself back and forth. I do not communicate nor do I wish to when I'm in this mood. It's like half of my personality has gone away. I don't know where it went or how long it'll be gone. I often get nightmares and night terrors when in this mood.
3. I tap my forehead when I concentrate. I think this is ok and there is nothing weird about it.
4. I rock back and forth when I hear music I like. I don't get how you can stay still when there is awesome music playing.
5. I walk back and forth alot when I'm excited or concentrating.
6. Sometimes I have a hard time communicating what I really feel. This is when I will write a letter and send it. So don't be offended by this its just easier for me to write some things then say them.
7. I often jump up and down when I'm excited. Sometimes I'll jump up and down just for the sensation.
8. I often don't understand social cues so to help me I use Sherlock Holmes science of deduction and observation to help me figure out what a person maybe feeling or thinking.
9. I love twirling. I often twirl when I dance. I don't get dizzy it's fun! I just love my computer chair cause it spins around.
10. My hands go stiff when I am angry. If you see me doing this RUN!!
11. I still get meltdowns when there is to much stress. I guess you don't grow out of those.
12. Some types of clothing are uncomfortable. I don't like tight sleeves or turtle necks. And even some fabrics are uncomfortable. I still can't find a sheet to put on my bed that I like and feels good.
13. I prefer liquid to powder when it comes to foundation. Powder hurts liquid doesn't.
14. I hate bras with straps. The straps rub against my shoulders I don't like it.
15. I hate it when people touch my stuff or move my stuff. Its mine!
16. I keep my room a mess I like it that way. I know where everything is and it works for me.
17. I love quiet libraries. I love how organized they are. They are my what I call a "peace zone."
18. I love doing book reports. I still do them and I do them cause I find them fun.
19. Can't stand it when people mumble or talk really fast. It's hard enough for me to understand you so please don't mumble or talk fast.
20. Hate bullies. When I get picked on I run away. Its scary when I think someone might wanna hurt me.
21. I laugh at what you don't see. I can visualize things in my head and sometimes what I picture is pretty funny. So if it looks like I'm laughing at nothing I'm not I'm laughing at something you just can't see.
22. I'm slow to learn but hey at least I learn it. Slow learning is better then no learning at all.