Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Autism is a blue rose

Imagine a field of red roses. They all smell and look the same. But 1 out of ever 110 there is a blue rose. You see this one blue rose. It smells the same but looks different. Why is this rose different you ask?? This blue rose has autism. It looks pretty and smells nice. But it is alone. The farmer looks at it says "this is wrong it must change. It is blue not red." One person yells to the farmer "Hey! Are you aware that it is blue?? I'm spreading awareness of blue roses." Farmer nods "Ya I'm aware that's why I'm changing it." Now you must speak up and yell to the farmer "Hey! Just because it's blue doesn't mean there is something wrong with it! Why don't you accept it and tend to it and see what happens!?" So go on and speak up! Today is the day to speak up on behalf of autism.

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