Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The difference between autism awareness and autism accpetance

Awareness says: Oh your different ok bye.
Acceptance says: Your different not less I wanna get to know you.

Awareness says: That sweater doesn't feel good?? Well that's life deal with it.
Acceptance says: Oh that sweater doesn't feel good lets find one that does.

Awareness says: Stop rocking back and forth nobody else does that.
Acceptance says: Your rocking back and forth. Is something bothering you or can I join you that looks like fun.

Awareness says: Stop looking at the fan it won't change.
Acceptance says: Would you like another fan to look at??

Being aware is not enough its time to start accepting autism. Its like just being aware of Cancer you can't just be aware of it you gotta speak out! Autism is speaking. Are you listening??

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