Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ten autism facts

1. Autism is different not less.
2. Autism is not a disease you will not catch it.
3. Autistic people are not stupid.
4. Just because a person with autism can't communicate doesn't mean they don't feel or think what you do.
5. Autism is more then just a label its a whole personality that needs to be accepted.
6. Autism is not a death sentance. When your child is diagnosed don't automatically think there gonna be institutionalized. There are many things out there. Never lose hope.
7. The worst thing to do with a newly diagnosed child with autism is nothing.
8. If your autistic your not alone. Your not stupid. Your normal its the rest of the world that's crazy lol.
9. Nobody grows out of autism its a lifelong disability.
10. Also don't concentrate on what you can't do. Concentrate on what you can do. Let people get to know you and not just your disability

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