Friday, March 11, 2011

What this blog is about

Some of you out there may have wondered what this blog is for and about. The World Of Mismatched Socks is for and about a few things. 1st is GOD. I will always post up prayers of mine and I will post up other peoples prayers if I think it necessary to do so. I will post thoughts on the Bible and GOD. I will post Spiritual experiences if GOD tells me I should. I will also sometimes post up a who to follow list of pastors and Christian orgs and other Christian people that I think you should follow on twitter. 2nd is autism. This blog I will use to post up autism and asperger's research. I will post up any statistics on the spectrum if I think I should. I will post up any therapies that would help those on the spectrum. I will also sometimes post up a follow list of those struggling with the spectrum in anyway weather a parent or if they have it or whatever the case may be. I will post up a follow list of spectrum orgs to follow sometimes. You can follow whomever I post on twitter. 3rd This post is about my own life experiences of having autism and how I see things and experience things. Or past things that I have been through. I will post up memories that I feel like sharing. 4th This is also about my brother who has sever autism and I will post up what he does every once in a while. 5th Every once in a while I will do a random blog on a subject such a friendships or bullying. These I do when I feel like it. 6th This blog is also about cool storms. I love thunderstorms so sometimes I will share YouTube videos of thunderstorms I think are cool and blog about them. 7th This blog is also for any advice that I have for those struggling with the spectrum. 8th This blog is also advice that I have on how to grow in a relationship with GOD and understanding the Bible. 9th This blog I will also use for remembrance days such as 9/11 and other events. 10th I will also use this blog on how to survive and enjoy the holidays such as the ones I did for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years..... So that is what this blog is about. I will also once in a while do a blog for WorldPrayr but not the whole The World Of Mismatched Socks will NOT be donated to WorldPrayr... This will never change unless GOD tells me to do otherwise.... GOD bless you. Have a nice day.

Jenny =^.^= moo

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