Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to have a happy spectrum Easter

Well Easter is coming up very soon and so I decided to do a post on how to survive and have fun with Easter. Family might come over but don't panic. Just like on Christmas you just put on ya best smile. Be the official Easter door greater if ya want. Might be fun. Now some of your brothers or sisters or cousins might still believe in the Easter bunny and might wanna look for eggs. No harm in that. So how about the night before you help hide the eggs. When the children find the eggs the next day help them to paint them. It doesn't have to be perfect. Now as for the adults in the family you could watch some Easter movies together. My favorites are The Jesus Movie and The Robe. I dunno of any Easter movies for children but I'm sure there will be lots of specials on that day so I wouldn't worry about it. Also please check you local Church to see if they'll do any special Easter services on Good Friday or Easter Sunday or both. And on Good Friday and Easter Sunday read in the Bible of Jesus crucifixion,death and resurrection. There are also Easter songs. So please do listen to them on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. These songs are the ones I love and they are... 1.Petra. King Of Kings 2. Petra. Judas Kiss 3. Steve Green. He hold's The Keys 4. Steve Green. Enter In 5. Kari Jobe. The Revelation Song 6. Skillet. Forgiven 7. Abandon. Hero 8. Relient K. Forgiven 9. Petra. I will Celebrate/When The Spirit Of The Lord 10. Dallas Holm. Rise Again 11. Aaron Shust. My Savior, My God ....So those are the Easter songs that I recommend. That's all I can say for Easter. So have a happy spectrum Easter!

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