Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm a religious fundamentalist and proud of it!

First of I would like to thank Hannah for her compliments. Thank you so much you have made my day! The only reason you said those things is cause you saw GOD in me in my blog and I feel so blessed by what you said. I will be praying for you Hannah and I've asked others to pray for you as well. GOD bless you and your home and your family Hannah... says that Religious means.. devout, pious. indicate a spirit of reverance toward GOD.... SO YOU BET I'M RELIGOUS I LOVE GOD! WOOHOO! I'm dancin in my chair! ... also say that a fundamentalist is ... strict adherence to any set of basic ideas or principals: The fundamentalism of the extreme conservatives.... Simply put extremly stubborn when it comes to believing in GOD. You can bet on that sister! Ya I am very stubborn. I am a greatful beleiver and follower in Jesus Christ. And I'm about ready to shout that from the rooftops! So yes I'm a religious fundamentalist in every single way. Thank you Hannah you have made my day. I hope everyone who reads this blog sees GOD in me like you do. GOD bless you and your home and your family Hannah. I'll be praying for you...
Jenny =^.^= moo :D

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Funeral Home Slogans

Twitter is trending funeral home slogans and I thought I'd put some here. Some will be mine and some aren't. Enjoy!

"you stab em we slab em."

"We're just dying to help you out."

"We make you look good cause GOD don't like ugly."

"You shouldn't be caught dead anywhere else."

"Had a heart attack? We have a casket for that..."

"You kill em we seal em."

"Bury your problems with us."

"Everyone is dying to have there funeral here."

"We put the FUN in FUNERAL."

"Garbage collectors don't die. They just kick the can."

"Can you trust us?? Of corpse you can."

"Your pockets won't hurt when we put you in the dirt."

"There dead. Spend the bread."

"Kids coffins. Drown three get the fourth one free. Ask for the Andrea Yates special."

"Hit em with the glock we put em in a box."

"You kill em we fill em."

"When death calls add us on in 3 way."

"We're dead serious about our buisness."

"When your organs stop ours start playing."

"Your loss is our gain."

"You kill em we chill em."

"Drive carefully we'll wait."

"Discounts to die for."

"We're just dying to meet you."

"Service you'd die for."

"You drop dead we drop dirt."

"We think outside the box."