Friday, October 21, 2011

Have a happy spectrum Halloween

Hey. Well Halloween is here soon and so the routine will change for one night. Do you wanna enjoy Halloween but dunno how?? Cause right now the seasons are also changing. It's getting colder out. The sun is setting sooner. It makes it hard to enjoy Halloween. But you still can if you want to. It might be hard but not impossible. First off remember Halloween is only one night and the next day things will go back to normal. You might wanna watch some Halloween movies in order to get into it. Now I know its hard to find good ones cause alot of them are very scary. But I have my own favorites and I'll share them with you and maybe you'll like em to. 1. Twitches one and two. 2. Charlie Brown and the great pumpkin. 3. The Halloween Town series. 4. BettleJuice. That's all I got for now. But hopefully that'll help you out. You can also dress up for Halloween. I know some of you have issues with how certain clothing feels and I understand that. But I really dunno what to suggest to help you out. I'm sorry. If your to big to go trick or treating you can always give candy to the kids. I will voluinteer at my Church at something we call Harvest Fair and its really fun. So maybe your local Church will do something like that. Can always ask and hear what they have to say. It might be called something different so just ask them if they are doing anything for Halloween and if whey are ask them if you can volunteer and join in. And you don't have to dress up for Halloween if you don't want to. There's no law that says you have to. If you do dress up please wear something bright so that others can see you if your goin out trick or treating. Also take a flashlight with you. Be aware of whats going on around you and you might also want someone to go with you to help you stay safe. When you take your candy home please check every single piece for any holes. If there appears to be a tiny hole in the wrapping throw it out! Do not eat it! Do not eat any candy apples! Doesn't matter who gave em to you. This is for your own safety cause there are weirdo's out there who do poison candy. Well have a happy and safe Halloween....

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