Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jesus is my Valentine

I did this blog as if it actually happened. But it didn't. None of this has actually happened. I hope you enjoy it.

It was Valentines Day evening. My sister and brother had gone to a Church function and my Mom and step-dad were going out to dinner. I complimented Mom and Danny and said they looked nice. On there way out the door Mom told me to text her or Danny if any emergency happened and that they wouldn't be long an I told them to have fun. So they left and there I was just me, Princess, GOD and other spiritual beings that I do not see. I was starting to feel upset. I didn't want to spend Valentines Day alone. Doing what I always do. I started to pray and said to GOD "I'm sorry for being so upset I just wanted a special Valentines day just you and me. I guess maybe I shouldn't have expected anything since your not a physical human being. Besides all the days are the same to you... I dunno I just wanted something really special where I could dress up and be treated like a lady. I didn't ask for peace on earth. I'm sorry I just really wanted that." I almost started to cry when someone knocked on the door. Since I was alone before opening the door I said "who is it??" Then I heard the Holy Spirit gently tell me to open the door. So I did and Jesus was standing there holding some roses and said "Hello Jenny." I stood there with my mouth open not believing what I was seeing. Finally I said "Uhh come in.." So He walked inside with a smile on His face. I closed the door and said "erm.. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to so. I'm sorry I didn't know You would actually show up. I mean I knew You could but I didn't know You actually would." He smiled and said "just relax... I have made plans for tonight.. These flowers are for you." And He handed the flowers to me. I took them and smelled them and they smelled really nice and I said"thank you." He replied "your welcome... Now if you wish you may get dressed up as I know you like to do that. And I will make things ready in here in your living room. Leave the flowers with me and I will put them in a vase for you."I smiled and and handed Him the flowers and went into my room to get ready. He said I could dress up so I put on a long pretty white dress that has princess sleeves and it has flowers on it. I also put on a pearl necklace and I wore a corsage.I went into Mom and Danny's closet to borrow Mom's white shoes that go with my outfit. Then I heard Jesus say "you have shoes that go with your outfit." Then I said "ok if You say so" and went to look in my closet and I found a pair of white shoes that went perfectly with my outfit. I then put on my makeup and perfume and I brushed my hair and I put on my gold headband. I then went into the living room and said "may I help with anything??" He looked at me and had a really big smile on His face and said "you look beautiful!" I blushed and said quietly "thank you." And I asked again if I could help with anything and He said that everything was done and I looked and there was a small round table in the middle of the living room with two chairs and there were my flowers in the middle of the table and the table had a red table cloth on it. And He got out to candles and said "these are electric candles no real flame but they still look nice. Don't worry you could throw them at the wall and they would not break and start a fire." And I said "well I dunno about You but I don't think I'm gonna throw any candles at the wall tonight." He chuckled. He also put on some soft music which seemed to come from no where. So I sat in a chair and He pushed the chair in for me and then He sat in His chair and had a bottle of sparkling cider in His hand. He opened it and it popped and I said "goes the weasel." He chuckled again. He poured the cider in the glasses and then He saw that I was starting to fidget.And He asked me "why are you fidgeting??" I replied "Sorry but I dunno who's gonna say grace." He smiled and He said that He would. Then He stood up and looked up and said "blessed our Lord our GOD King of the universe who bringeth forth bread from the earth." He sat back down and then I looked down at my plate and there on my plate was crab legs sauteed with dry sherry. And boy did it ever taste good! Then I got confused and I said to Jesus "You don't need to eat so why are You eating?? I know that I need to but You don't." He replied "It is true that I don't need to but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it with you and it is in Revelation 3:20 Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with Me." So we ate and just as I finished my dinner poof our plates were clean then poof there sat chocolate cheesecake with strawberry sauce and a strawberry on top. I just barely started my dessert when Jesus said "I put a blue rose in those flowers just for you." I was about to look when I thought that maybe that was unbelief so I didn't. Then Jesus said "it is not unbelief if you look and smell the rose. I put it there for you to enjoy." So I looked and there was the blue and it smelled lovely. Then I said "wait a minute there is no such thing as a blue rose. How come it has a scent??" Jesus replied "I made that one real just for you just for tonight." I tried to eat really slow so that I could spend more time with Him. I also noticed that the hands on the clocks had stopped. Jesus then said "I have more planned after this meal and I made the time stop so that you wouldn't worry about when your family would be home so you can relax and be at peace with Me." I smiled and finished my dessert then poof everything disappeared and the flowers sat on another table and we were standing in the living room. So I asked "now what??" He replied "We will go for a nice walk." So I said "ok let me go get coat." Jesus replied "you don't need it I made the temperature warm up so that you wouldn't be cold." So we were leaving and I thought maybe I should get a flashlight then I thought "wait a minute Jesus is the light." So Jesus put His arm round me and started off on a nice walk. It was lovely and warm out. Jesus pointed out the full moon and I faked a howl. He started to laugh and said "only you would do that." After a nice quiet walk we went back to the house and went inside and He said "I picked out a movie for us to watch." I smiled and I saw that He noticed me smiling and I said"sorry I'm just happy about spending more time with You." Jesus smiled and replied "don't ever be sorry for that." So I sat beside Him on the couch and said "what movie are we gonna watch??" Jesus replied "the Jesus Film." Then I asked Jesus "Don't You feel weird watching people pretend to be You??" Jesus chuckled and replied "no that does not bother me at all... Here is something for you" and He handed me Reese's. I said "thank you." So we watched the movie but when it got to the part about Him being mad in the temple I thought He would get mad again watching it. Jesus then said "I am not angry I have forgiven." So we watched the rest and then after it was over He put His arms around meand I just leaned back and rested and neither one of us said anything. I soon fell asleep and when I woke up He was gone and I was back in normal clothes and the flowers were gone to and the clocks were back to normal and it was almost time for my family to be home. So I went into my room wondering if I dreamed up the whole thing. I then saw a card on the table beside my bed and I opened it up and it said "Dear Jenny. I have loved our time together.We will do this more in the future although you won't always see Me I am always here. I have longed for time like that with you. For you are precious to me. I love you with an everlasting love and will forever continue to love you with an everlasting love... Love Jesus." And inside the card was taped a Hershey Kiss. So I had my chocolate and thanked Jesus. That was the best Valentine I ever had... The End.

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