Friday, June 22, 2012

A Testimony That Needs To Be Shared

Hey. I have a testimony that needs to be shared. No it isn't mine this is the testimony of someone else. They can't share their testimony as they have passed away but I feel it is my responsibility as a fellow Christian to share their testimony. I am going to type it out as if I am that person although I'm not that person. I am Jenny I AM NOT AILEEN. I wanna make it clear that this is not my testimony but someone else's.  I just want others to have the feeling that she is personally giving it out herself. So here it is please read.....

 Hello my name is Aileen and I'm a greatful believer in Jesus Christ and I struggle with smoking, drugs, alcohol, sexual integrity, anger, borderline personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder. I was born on February 26 1956 in Rochester Michigan. My mother was 15 years old when she married my father whom I've never met because he was put in prison for the rape and attempted murder of a seven year old girl. My parents filed for divorce two months before I was born. When I was almost four months old my mother abandoned me and left me with my maternal grandparents who legally adopted me. I had believed for a very long time that my grandparents were my mother and father. The man who I thought was my father was very abusive to me and would sexually abuse me and before abusing me would force me to strip for him. The woman who I thought was my mother was very strict and we had a very strict regiment. I was beaten often and I would have to clean the leather belt I was beaten with. I already was looking for some acceptance some attention anywhere from anyone. As being introduced to sex at very young at age eleven I engaged in sexual activities in school in exchange for cigarettes, drugs and food. My brother and I had a very close relationship in fact we engaged in sexual activities. At age 14 I became pregnant after being raped from a friend of my grandfathers. I gave birth in a home for unwed mothers and the child was placed for adoption. A few months after my baby was born I dropped out of school and at about that time my grandmother the only person I knew of who loved me unconditionally died of liver failure. When I was 15 my grandfather threw me out of the house and I had no where to go. I didn't know what to do other then prostitute myself so that's what I did. I did it to survive and to me it was normal. I constantly did drugs and alcohol in order to forget my past. In 1974 I was charged with a DUI, disorderly conduct and firing a 22-caliber pistol. I was later charged with failure to appear. In 1976 I hitchhiked to Florida were I met a 69 year old president of a yaught club. We were married that same year. Since he was president he was rich and so I thought I could get all I wanted from him but I was wrong. I later though went to jail for assault for a fight in a local bar. I had got drunk and when I got drunk I was very mean. I was also mad at my husband cause he didn't give me what I wanted like I thought he would so I hit him with his own cane and he got a restraining order against me. I had my marriage annulled after only nine weeks of marriage.  I returned to Michigan and I was arrested for disturbing the peace when I got drunk again and threw a cue ball at a bartenders head. In July 1976 my brother died of esophageal cancer and I went into a tail spin. In 1981 I was arrested in Florida for armed robbery of a convenience store where I stole 35$ worth of cigarettes. I needed a cigarette badly and had to get one. Had to have one no matter what. I was sentenced to prison in 1982 and was released in 1983. You would think jail time would help me but it didn't. In 1984 I was arrested for tempting to pass checks at a bank in Key West. I dunno why I did that really. I may have been high on drugs at the time. In 1985 I was named as a suspect in the theft of a revolver and ammunition. In 1986 I was arrested with grand theft auto and resisting arrest and obstruction of justice for providing identification of my aunt's name. The police officers found a 38-caliber rifle and a box of ammunition in the stolen car. I thought I needed those weapons for protection. The police detained me for questioning after a male companion accused me of pulling a gun in their car and demanding 200$. Around this time I met a maid at gay bar and we moved in together and I supported us in prostitution earnings. I thought that was normal behavior. In 1987 my partner and I were detained at a bar for questioning after an incident in which we were accused of assault and battery with a beer bottle. In 1988 I accused a bus driver of assault he had pushed me off of the bus after a confrentation. In 1989 a 51 year old male tried to rape me so I killed him in self defense. I got a bit of a thrill and a high from that. I felt so much power and control in that where I had lost control before. I killed six more men after that. I was addicted to the thrill of killing and having that control. In 1991 I was arrested on an outstanding warrant at a biker bar. I went to that bar often. I felt finally accepted there. Sometimes I would shoot pool or listen to music. But I found it relaxing and I finally felt like I had belonged there. In 1991 I had finally confessed to the murders I committed. In 1992 I was convicted of the murders. At my sentencing psychiatrists testified that I'm mentally unstable and had me diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder. Four days later I was sentenced to death. After that I had got a letter from a Christian lady in the letter she said Jesus told her to write it and gave her phone number. Shortly after that I called her collect. We got along well and she told me about Jesus and I became a Christian. Shortly after that I pleaded no contest to the murders I committed as I wanted to get right with GOD. In 2001 I announced that I would issue no further appeals against my death sentence. I wanted to die so I could go to Heaven and be with GOD. Earth had always been my hell and so now I wanted to go to Heaven. I petitioned the supreme court to fire all my legal counsel and stop all appeals. A defense attorney argued that I was in no state for them to honor that request. Governor Jeb Bush instructed three psychiatrists to give me a 15 minute interview. They tested me for competency which requires the psychiatrists to be convinced that the condemned person understands that they will die and what crimes they were being executed for. All three psychiatrists judged me mentally fit to be executed. I was brought into the death chamber in 2002. My last meal was KFC and french fries. My last words before being executed were "Yes, I would just like to say I'm sailing with the rock, and I'll be back, like Independence day with Jesus. June 6 like the movie. Big mother ship and all, I'll be back, I'll be back." At 9:47 AM I closed my eyes and died... Thank you for letting me share.

I thought this testimony should be shared. This person and this story is real. If you wanna look her up her full name is Aileen Carol Wuornos. The point I wanted to make with this is that no one is beyond Jesus healing and help and forgiveness. After all this woman had done and been through in the end she still reached out to GOD. She could have chosen to be mad at Him but she didn't. Thanks to a Christian friend of hers she came to know Jesus and is now in Heaven. Some out there feel they would like to come to GOD but feel they have gone to far. Pushed GOD's patience to much and that its to late for them. If that's you. If that is how you feel I'm telling you right now it is never to late to come to GOD. He loves you infinately and wants a relationship with you. He gave His life just so you could be with Him in paradise and have a relationship with Him. To all Christians who are reading this... Please keep spreading the Gospel and do whatever GOD tells you to do. You may not know it but someone could be lead to Christ cause of something you said or did. Remember that you are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. Also please don't judge the young pregnant prostitute to harshly after all like Aileen she could have been raped you don't know. Please don't judge to prostitutes to harshly they may not know any better. Now some of you Christians may feel that I shouldn't use the word prostitute. If you can't handle that word how will you handle meeting one?? Please remember that all of us at one time or another were lost and needed Jesus and thanks to Him reaching out we now have a relationship with Him. Now by all means I'm not encouraging prostitution. I'm not saying that its ok to go out and do as you please cause Jesus will forgive you anyways. Please never take advantage of the gift of salvation. All I'm saying is please keep spreading the Gospel, do whatever GOD tells you to do and please show grace and mercy to those who are lost... Here are the two links with info on Aileen Carol Wuornos that I used to do this testimony for her. 1. and 2. ..... GOD bless you. 

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