Thursday, August 9, 2012

Depression and suicide

This is put in a Christian point of view as I am a Christian. Just thought you should know... Many Christians think that depression is a sin and it's not depression is an illness. King David a man after GOD's own heart had depression and you can see that clearly in most of his Psalms and there is no mention at all of GOD bein mad at him for it. I think if depression were a sin GOD would have told us that in the Bible and no where in the Bible does it say that depression is a sin but that doesn't mean GOD wants you to stay that way forever. I think though even Jesus might have been depressed while on the cross when He cried out "My GOD My GOD why have You forsaken Me!" I dunno for sure but I think maybe He might have been depressed at that moment. I myself have been depressed several times. Depression runs in my family so yes depression can be genetic. My autism as well makes me vulnerable to depression. There are many things that can cause depression such as genetics, disabilities such as autism or bi-polar so if you have a disability and aren't sure if it makes you vulnerable to depression or not please look it up and find out as you need to know, bitterness, a stressful or dead end job, stress, E.D, PMDD, PMS, menopause, postpartum depression, pregnancy, miscarriage,  inability to conceive a child, abortion, having a disabled child, finding out your disabled, finding out your adopted, finding out there's no Santa or Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy, worry, having a pessimistic attitude, surgery before and/or after, self-pity, sudden illness of you or a pet or family member or friend, getting old, certain medications so if you are taking any medications please check them to see if they can cause depression, being resentful, feeling like a failure, abandonment, not making amends, loneliness, rejection, disappointment, divorce, substance abuse, being in or have been in jail, conflict, living in or lived in a broken home, being or have been persecuted, anxiety, financial problems, a broken heart, the loss of a family member or pet or friend, nightmares, sudden catastrophe like losing your home or loss of a job, retirement, post-traumatic stress disorder, loss of someone you pastored or sponsored or counseled or doctored or nursed, relapse in recovery, unforgiveness, sins that you have not confessed and/or repented from, being or have been bullied, physical or emotional or sexual abuse, little or no self-esteem and other things like those. Now please be advised that you could have all those or just one or two but that doesn't mean you will get depression for sure they may cause it or maybe not.  Many people have different reactions when in depression. When I was in depression I went into myself and became very secluded. The things I once loved no longer held any interest to me whatsoever. I no longer cared how I looked and I didn't wanna eat anything. All I wanted to do was curl up in a ball on my bed and stay there. When I was depressed nothing and nobody mattered to me I simply didn't care at all. I felt like I was in a dark lonely place with no way out.  I felt like I was carrying a huge weight as if an anvil had been tied to me. Sometimes I cried and sometimes I didn't. I was also once suicidal now please don't panic I'm no longer suicidal as GOD got me out of that and I'm no longer in that place thanks to Him. Many people when in depression will want to commit suicide as just to feel something else or escape it. When you have been in depression for a long time you will start to yearn and crave happiness and joy but won't find it and you'll do anything to get happiness and joy and many people in depression will fall into the temptation to commit suicide as they think it will take em to where they can escape from it finally and maybe finally feel something different. The signs and symptoms of depression are sadness, loss of interest in things you loved before, thoughts of death or suicide, feelings of guilt, feelings of worthlessness, slowness of speech or thought or activity, trouble concentrating or making decisions, lack of energy, random and sudden changes in either weight loss or weight gain, sleep problems such as insomnia, sudden aches and pains, the feeling of carrying a huge weight, tearfulness, constant worry, dwelling on negative thoughts, relapse in recovery, irritability, anxiety, lack of appetite, retreating into one's own world, no caring for oneself and not doing things such as bathing or brushing your hair or things like those, wanting to always wear comfort clothes such as track pants and hoodies all the time to everywhere, dark circles under the eyes, wanting to wear dark colors all the time, lack of taking care of pets or family members, memory loss, thinking your always alone, loneliness, feeling trapped in depression, feelings of hopelessness, feeling lost, confusion, some do in depression actually get sick alot including maybe getting the cold or the flu alot this is because one's immune system lowers in depression, panic attacks, feeling very tired all the time, agitation, being suddenly aggressive, sudden bursts of anger, acting on dangerous impulses, self-pity, pessimism, stomach problems including nausea and indigestion and heartburn and things like that, headaches, migraines, sudden high or low blood pressure, tightness in the chest, problems breathing, dizziness and lightheadedness. Please be advised that even if you have one or two or even all these signs and symptoms you still may not have depression but if you think you do please consult your doctor immediately. If you are seeing signs and symptoms of depression in yourself please pray, talk to your sponsor/s, talk to your accountability partner/s, pastor/s and if you have a therapist/s please go and talk to them as well and be completely honest with them on how you are feeling do not hold back anything at all. If you can arrange it please get your sponsor/s, accountability partner/s, pastor/s and therapist/s and you all together for a meeting on your depression and talk it all out on things you can and get everyone to pray. I think when someone has depression I think its best to have all there sponsor/s, accountability partner/s, pastor/s and therapist/s all on the same page and all know whats going on and all following the same battle plan against the depression. Depression is not a joke and is not to be taken lightly. When someone is in depression there in real deep pain and the last thing they need is you shrugging it off and saying it doesn't matter or they'll get over it or telling them its a sin. Believe me those things will not help it'll only make things worse. Some people in depression might also need medication to help them out of depression and this is ok to. Some Christians say its wrong to take medication as they think that medication somehow takes GOD out of the picture. Medication doesn't do that at all. GOD can use anything He wants to help or heal a person and if He wants to use medication to heal then He can do that. Depression can come suddenly one day you wake up and your depressed. Depression can also come very slowly bit by bit over time. Usually when someone is in depression something or someone has caused it but not always as it is also genetic if it runs in your family you can get depression for no reason whatsoever. Depression affects 19 million people in the US every year. Those who have been in depression are very likely to experience it again. There is no cure for depression yes it can go away but chances are that someday it will come back. This is not always the case as some do get depression only once and then never again but the chances of that are slim especially if it's genetic. Now as I said before people in depression can experience thoughts of suicide and may try to end their own lives. 30,600 people commit suicide in the US each year. The signs that someone is suicidal are they say life isn't worth living, they say family and friends and pets would be better off without em, they may say things like "next time I'll take enough pills to get the job done right",  "you'll be sorry when I'm gone", "I won't be around much longer", "I can't deal with everything - life's to hard", "I won't be a burden much longer", "nobody understands me - nobody feels the way I do", "There is nothing I can do to make it better", "I'd be better off dead", "I feel like I have no way out", "Your better off without me." They might suddenly get all their affairs in order such as paying off all the bills and mortgage and making a will, suddenly giving away alot of things, signs of planning it such as obtaining a weapon or maybe writing it in a note, may talk alot about harming or killing oneself, may talk alot about death, may be obsessed with death, dramatic mood swings, sudden personality changes, sees no hope for the future, self-loathing or self-hatred, saying goodbye, self-destructive behavior and sudden sense of calm. That sudden sense of calm is usually the last sign to come before someone commits suicide as that usually means they made their decision. There are ways to prevent someone from taking this course of action and here are some of them. Pray for em like you have never prayed before and pray fervently and constantly for em, get em talking about whatever is bothering em, try to get em to journal it out, try to get em to pray about it, let them know you are concerned about them and that you care and that GOD loves them, here are some questions you should ask "when did you begin feeling like this?", "did something happen that made you start feeling this way?". "how can I best support you right now?", "have you thought about getting help?" When talking to someone who is suicidal please be yourself do not put on any act for them whatsoever, make sure you make it clear to them as much as you possibly can that you care for them and are concerned about them and that GOD loves them, listen, be sympathetic, don't judge em please, let them vent on you, let them know as much as you can that they are not alone, let them unload things on you the fact they show upset and anger is actually a good sign its when they show nothing that you need to be more concerned, be patient, be calm and do not react cause if you react chances are they will to and they might react into suicide, be accepting, ask their friends and family members if they know anything at all about this person being suicidal and ask them how long they think they've had these thoughts, look into family history to see if past family members were suicidal as history does tend to repeat itself and being suicidal is also genetic, offer as much hope as possible, be re-assuring, let them know that suicidal feelings are temporary and that it isn't forever, try not to argue with em, avoid saying things like "you have much to live for", "your suicide will hurt your family" and "look on the bright side." Those sentences even though true will tend to set em off. Don't try to fix them, don't give advice, do not justify their suicidal feelings and don't blame yourself if they do commit suicide. If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide here is the suicide hotline 1-800-448-3000 and here is also their website and please also if you are experiencing thoughts of suicide I encourage you please pray  and also contact your sponsor/s, accountability partner/s, pastor/s and therapist/s if you have them and please be 100 percent honest and blunt. If you are experiencing depression here is the depression hotline 1-800-448-3000 and here is their website and please also if you are experiencing depression I encourage you to please pray and also contact your sponsor/s, accountability partner/s, pastor/s and therapist if you have them and please be 100 percent honest and blunt. DO NOT WAIT TO GET HELP IF YOU ARE DEPRESSED OR SUICIDAL. If your depressed and suicidal let me tell you your gonna be ok. This will not last forever. You are not alone. GOD has plans for you and hope and a future and He loves you infinitely. You have value. You have purpose. You are important. I know you feel like the whole world is ending and like there isn't a hope in the world but it isn't true. Please get help you won't regret it. Please do not wait to get help. People on this earth care about you including me. Yes I care and I care cause I been there and I know what its like and I know that with GOD and recovery your gonna be happy and joyful again and this will end. I know that seems impossible to you but I know that it's not. I know you wanna give up but I'm begging you not to. Don't give up fight the good fight and I know your so tired so don't use your own strength lean on GOD and He will help you. Please trust in GOD I did and I'm no longer depressed or suicidal anymore cause of His help. GOD can and will help you cause He does love you. "For GOD so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life" John 3:16 NIV. .... Alright if you feel lead to do so please pray the following prayers or ones like them. "Dear GOD if I ever know someone with depression or is suicidal please use me to help them out. Please comfort those in depression or are suicidal. Please give them hope and Your peace that surpasses all understanding. Please help them experience how much You love them. Please help me let them know that I to care and am concerned. Please help me to not blame myself for their depression or suicide. In Jesus name I pray amen." For those in depression "Dear GOD I am depressed. I feel like the world is ending. I feel alone and in darkness. I feel like there is no help for me. I cry alot. I feel like there is no hope for me. I feel like no one understands me or cares about me. I no longer have any interest in what once brought me joy. I'm in much pain. I feel like this will never end and that there is no way out. Oh please help me GOD. I need You. I need Your help. Please help me to talk to my sponsor/s and accountability partner/s, pastor/s and therapist/s. Please help me to be honest with them and to be blunt. Please help them help me. I need help. I feel lost. Please help me. In Jesus name I pray amen." For those experiencing thoughts of suicide "Dear GOD I wanna die. I wanna give up. I feel like there is no hope for me. I feel like everyone will be better off without me. I feel like no one can help me and no one understands. I wanna escape. I think about it alot. I feel like I have no way out. There is nothing I can do to make it better I feel so helpless. Please help me. I need You. I need Your help. Please help me to talk to my sponsor/s and accountability partner/s, pastor/s and therapist/s. Please help me to be honest with them and blunt. Please help them help me. I need help. Please help me. In Jesus name I pray amen." For those who ever were or are a sponsor or accountability partner or pastor or therapist to someone who committed suicide. "Dear GOD I lost em. I prayed. I did all the right things. But I lost em. I feel guilty and horrible about it. I feel like there was more I should have said or done. I go back in my mind to it to try to think of what I might have missed. Please help me to stop blaming myself. I feel what they did was my responsibility but it isn't. What they did was their choice not mine. Please help me to forgive myself and move on. Please help me to help others in future who are struggling with depression and/or suicide. In Jesus name I pray amen." If you are a sponsor or accountability partner or pastor or therapist chances are you will meet someone with depression and/or is suicidal so here's a prayer for you "Dear GOD whenever I meet someone with depression and/or is suicidal please help me help them. Please help me to not judge them or fix them or give advice. Please help me to listen to them. Please help me to give em hope. Please help me to pray for them fervently and constantly. Please help me to be understanding and accepting. Please give me the words to say. Please give me Your wisdom, understanding and discernment to help them. Please help me also to not blame myself for their depression and/or suicide. Help me to remember that suicide is their choice not mine. In Jesus name I pray amen." ..... Again here is the suicide and depression hotline 1-800-448-3000and here is the website for suicide 
and here is their website for depression 
and again I encourage those struggling with depression and/or suicide please get help right away and do not wait.
GOD bless you
Your sister in Christ
Jenny =^.^= moo


Thomas Medd said...

WOW !!!

Dustin said...

I was just reading over your blog and it is great to see the things that you are doing to share your love for God and those around you. That is something that my wife and I also have tried to do.

Over the past few years we have lost three children to health complications and both have lost a brother to suicide. It is extremely heart breaking and brings so many questions.

To share our story and help others know that although life seems hard, there is also love and mercy and hope, and most of all healing, I wrote a memoir: WHITE LILIES IN AUTUMN. You can find it on or at

I would love to hear your thoughts, especially where you are trying to reach others in a positive way. May the Lord bless you.


Richard Cunha said...

I don't know for sure, but I would be very surprised to find out that "many Christians think that depression is a sin....."

I would think it rare and unusual for a Christian to think of depression as a sin.

Christians have a great hope and wonderful expectations. Christians do not believe they are of this world and are not conformed to it. They are transformed by the renewing of their minds.

Keep up the good work! It is a pleasure and is most definitely refreshing to find boldness in your generation. Continue to be the salt of this earth and a light to this world.