Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jesus and the devil have a chat

It was before the Creation of everything and Jesus and the devil were having a chat. Jesus said to the devil "I will make a planet called Earth and I will put on it many people who I will design to have fellowship with Me and I will create them in My image. I will love them and take care of them and will have a relationship with each of them." The devil raised an eyebrow "really??" Jesus nodded "yes and I will give them free will. I will plant a tree which I will tell them not to eat from and so their relationship with Me will be a choice." The devil smirked "Well then I will take them from You." Jesus replied "you will not force them away." The devil "fine. I will tempt them then. Turn the truth around and lead them away from You. Then once they fall I will harden their hearts against You. They will then have a sinful nature and will not be able to help themselves but be slaves to sin. They will sin in thought, word and deed and they will be mine." Jesus turned to the devil and asked "how much do you want for them??" The devil was stunned "what?? You can't be serious. They will constantly turn their backs on You. Even if You redeemed them they will still make mistakes they will never be perfect. They will always have hurts, habits and hang-ups for as long as they live." Jesus nodded "I know and I am very serious. How much do you want for them?? Answer Me." The devil thought for a moment and then thought of what he thought was the perfect price. He thought for sure Jesus wouldn't do it so he said "the price will be Your life for theirs, You will have to be beaten and mocked and whipped and killed and have all their sins past, present and future put on You and have Your Father turn His back on You. That's the price." Jesus "fine. Once I pay it then I will give them new hearts that will turn towards Me and they will be adopted by the Father and I will have a relationship with them." The devil "I won't make it easy for You. They will whine and will constantly need help. I will always tempt them and I will make it very hard for them to follow You. I will surround them with death and sin so they will question You." Jesus then said "you will not give them more then they can bare and it won't be like that forever. They will have a physical death and then come and live with Me forever in paradise. Plus My Father will declare a time when you will go to eternal fire along with your followers forever never to tempt again and their will be no more sin or death or pain forever and My children will be with Me forever and I will forever love them." ..... The end.

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