Friday, September 14, 2012


I been thinking about Spiritual gifts lately and there are a lot of them. There is wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discernment, tongues, interpretation of tongues, teaching, service, exhortation, giving, mercy, administration, helps, evangelism, pastor, prayer warrior, celibacy, hospitality and missionary. There are twenty-two Spiritual gifts. I'm just gonna focus on two though. I will do other blogs about the other gifts but two of them seem to be on my heart to talk about. They are the gifts of service and helps. Not many Christian's seem to say "I'm praying so I will be gifted in service and/or helps." The reason why is these gifts are used by people behind the scenes. No one really thanks them for their job. The people who are gifted in service or helps are the people who vacuum, dust, wipe counters, stack chairs, put tables away, mop, sweep, file away things, trim trees, direct traffic in the Church parking lot, get coffee ready, cook, scrub toilets and other things like those. Well those things don't sound exactly appealing do they?? Who really wants to scrub toilets or trim trees?? They don't seem like the kind of things that give glory to GOD do they?? That's probably because no one thanks them. When was the last time you thanked someone for trimming the trees or scrubbing the toilets?? Or when was the last time you came home from Church and  prayed and thanked GOD for the person who vacuumed or dusted or stacked chairs?? Who maybe went to chat with a fellow Christian and said something like "Wow I was so Spiritually stirred by whoever mopped the floor." Or when was the last time you heard a  Christian say "I feel Spiritually lead to wipe off counters." Well way back when Jesus was walking around in Jerusalem there was this religious group called the Pharisees and well did they ever look good on the outside. They prayed long and big prayers out loud in front of everyone, you could see when they fasted, they had the best seats, they had the best clothes, they could quote Scripture for memory,  they went to the best Bible schools and had the best Bible teaching, everyone looked up to them, everyone went to them for advice and they knew every rule and law there was for memory. Jesus said though they had their payment in full. You see all they wanted was praise from people and well they got it. Many people did praise them and think highly of them so they got what they wanted. But the only One Whom they didn't seek praise from was from GOD and He wasn't exactly impressed. Well seems to me that if you seek only human praise then that's what you get and GOD ain't gonna do any praisin but then it should be that when you don't seek any praise and your that person behind the scenes workin for GOD well then seems GOD is gonna brag up on ya in Heaven. Not that the people who use other gifts don't get praise from GOD because they do. Seems to me though Christians don't think that scrubbing toilets give GOD glory. Really?? Well if that toilet was never scrubbed or cleaned ever at all then the Church would get very unsanitary and very smelly. Who can worship GOD when the bathroom stinks?? If the gardening at the Church was never done there would be weeds everywhere, trees growing very wide and would block people while driving and it would be unsafe, every bug would be hangin around and hard to worship when your swatting flies. If the chairs never got stacked they'd gather dust and get in the way of activities during the week. If dusting never got done people would always be sneezing during services and it would be very gross and not healthy to breathe in. If the floor was never mopped or swept or vacuumed then it would get very unsanitary and who wants to study a Bible in a place where there is cobwebs and who knows what else on the floor?? See we need people to do those jobs as without them we can't worship or have fellowship together or anything. So they do give glory to GOD as they taking care of His Church which He died for. So I encourage you to spend some time in prayer thinking of ways on how you can serve in your Church and then spend some time in prayer thanking GOD for those who do the dirty jobs that no one else wants to do and also thank the ones who do it just go up to em and say thank you. Serving really I think is the best gift and why because Jesus was the first to serve and so if you serve then your being just like Jesus. How cool is that!? GOD gave ya sweat glands so ya might as well use em and if people complain ya smell just remember that you only smell bad to those who got nothin better to do then stick their noses in the air. To GOD its the best scent as its the scent of serving Him and to Him that's like smelling a lovely rose. Even if your a young child you can still serve by obeying your parents, cleaning your room without being told and praying for others. Prayer is the biggest and best service you can do for someone else. And when you serve don't do it with a scowl on your face. Do it in joy and happiness cause when you serve the One you are really serving is GOD. So please serve someone else. GOD bless you.

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