Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thoughts on the cross

Well its just been Good Friday and Easter is on it's way. So I been thinking about the cross of Christ lately and I wanted to share with you my thoughts. First is at the last supper Jesus tells all the disciples to not be afraid. Yet what He is facing is very frightening in fact I can't even imagine having to face the kinda fear He did. He faced the three denials of Peter, or the Pharisees abusing Him, or the Roman soldiers whipping Him and mocking Him and putting a crown of thorns on His head, all His disciples leaving Him, being spat on, being nailed to a cross, having the Heavenly Father turn His back on Him, taking on the sin of the world and dying. I wanna just take a closer look at all these things He choose to face for you and for me. First is the disciples leaving Him. They all abandoned Him at some point. They couldn't even stay awake to pray and then when the soldiers came Peter drew his sword and struck the high priest's servant cutting off his right ear. Now some of us if in that situation might say "hey thanks Peter now I'll run for it!" Some of us might have thought "hey now Peter's got my back how cool." But that's not what Jesus did. Instead of running for it Jesus told Peter to put down his sword and willingly went with the soldiers. Jesus did not attempt to defend Himself although He could summon legions of angels right then and there but He didn't. Then after being led away Jesus was takin to a "trial" and I'm using that word very loosely that the Pharisees held. Reason I'm using the word trial so loosely is that it really wasn't one at all as the Pharisees broke basically every rule in the book to do it. First even at this point of time a person when in trial was innocent until proven guilty. They assumed Jesus was guilty from the start. According to the Old Testament law two or more persons had to agree on what someone did wrong like if someone had stolen something two or more people had to say "yes I saw them take it" or something like that but two or more people had two agree on the fact. No two people at Jesus trial could agree on anything He had done wrong. Also His trial was held at night which was illegal to do. Also Jesus trial was held on the first day of unleavened bread on the eve of Passover and it was illegal to hold any trial during any holy days. The trial was also illegal because it was concluded within a day according to the law a night had to intervene between trial and whatever decree the trial came to. Also Jesus was not permitted a lawyer to defend Him. I'm only touching on a bit of this as there is way more to it. So already now though Jesus has been abandoned and now an illegal trial and we are not even done yet. While Jesus is on trial Peter denies that he knows Jesus three times and Jesus knew Peter had done this. After the so called trial the Pharisees take Jesus to Pilate. But Pilate don't wanna deal with Him and sends Him to Herod. Now Herod had been wanting to see Jesus and wanted Jesus to perform a miracle for his entertainment. Herod questioned Jesus but Jesus gave no answer. Herod with his soldiers then humiliated Jesus and mocked Him and put Him in expensive clothing and sent Jesus back Pilate. After this Pilate and Herod became friends. Pilate then called the chief priests and rulers of the people and told them he had examined Jesus but found He had done no wrong so Pilate would have Him whipped then let Jesus go. The law then said a person was to be whipped 40 times minus one for mercy. Although the Bible doesn't say how many times Jesus was whipped I think its safe to assume that it was 39 times and they used the cat-o-nine tails at the time. The cat-o-nine tails was a multi-tailed whip used for sever punishment. According to their law though Pilate had to release one prisoner to them and they asked for Barabbas. Pilate talked to the people again wanting to release Jesus but the people shouted "crucify Him! crucify Him!" Pilate asked them for the third time what Jesus had done wrong. But again the people shouted to crucify Him to Pilate sentenced Jesus to death on a cross. A crucifixion was a horrible and terrible way to die as it was a very slow and very painful death. When someone was crucified they had all their clothes stripped off them and then their hands and feet were nailed to the cross and were left to hang there so it was also very humiliating. So by now Jesus has been abandoned, had a fake trail, denied three times, beaten, mocked, had a crown of thorns placed on His head, whipped and now crucified. And we are still not done yet. The soldiers gambled for Jesus clothes what they called casting lots. Above Jesus head they placed a sign that said "THIS IS JESUS, THE KING OF THE JEWS." There were two robbers who were crucified with Jesus one on His left and one on His right. When people passed by they hurled insults at Him and the chief priests and teachers of the law also mocked Him. One of the robbers said to Jesus to get down from the cross and save Himself and them to. But the other robber rebuked him and said "don't you fear GOD," he said "since you are under the same sentence? We are punished justly, for we are getting what out deeds deserve. But this man has done nothing wrong." Then he said "Jesus, remember me when You come into Your kingdom." Jesus answered him "I tell you the truth, today you will be with Me in paradise." From about the sixth hour till the ninth hour darkness came over all the land. The sixth hour was about noon and the ninth hour was about 3 pm and its not normally dark at those times but on the day it was. About the ninth hour Jesus cried out in a loud voice "Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?" Which means "My GOD, My GOD, why have You forsaken Me?" At this point the Father and Son were separated and the Father had to turn His back on His own Son. Then Jesus said "it is finished" and then Jesus called out with a loud voice "Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit." And Jesus died then the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom and the earth shook and the rocks split. The tombs broke open and the bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life. The Pharisees though didn't want the bodies on the crosses hanging there during the Sabbath so they asked Pilate to have the legs of those hanging there broken so that they would die quicker. The soldiers then came and broke the broke the robbers legs but when they came to Jesus they found He was already dead and didn't break His legs. Instead one of the soldiers pierced Jesus side with a spear bringing a sudden flow of blood and water. So Jesus was certainly dead. Later Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate for the body of the dead Jesus. With Pilate's permission Joseph and Nicodemus took the body of the dead Jesus wrapped Jesus dead body with strips of linen and spices as was the custom. There was a new tomb which had never been used so they laid Jesus dead body in this tomb... So Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of Almighty GOD who lived a perfect life never sinned in thought, word or deed came and willingly went through being abandoned, a fake trial, being denied three times, being mocked, being spat on, being beat up, humiliated, insulted, had a crown of thorns put on His head, whipped, crucified, mocked some more, separated from His Father and then died. At anytime He could have saved Himself but He was to busy saving you and me. When He looked down from the cross He wasn't only looking at the people standing there but He also looked right at you and me and said in action "I love you this much." Just picture in your mind the best you can Jesus tied and a Roman soldier standing there with a whip and the soldier says "this is for your past sins" and whips Jesus. Then the soldier says "this is for your present sins" and whips Jesus. Then the soldier says "and this is for your future sins" and whips Jesus. Jesus took all your sins of the past, present and future committed in thought, word and deed and paid for them fully. Not like He forgot anything and He did it willingly. Nobody made Jesus go through any of that and He could have backed out and let us get the punishment we deserve. But He loves us infinitely so He died for us so that we could live. He wasn't heard so we would be heard. He was ignored so that we would be welcomed. He was separated so we could be together with GOD. He was hurt so that we would be healed. He took our punishment for us. Maybe you have a sibling or other family member you grew up with and at least once they said they did something wrong when it was you who did it and took the punishment for you. Well that's what Jesus did He got yelled at for you. He was sent to the coroner for you. He was slapped for you. Maybe you have a family member or friend who you know when if it ever came down to it would die for you or maybe you would do that for a friend or family member if you had to. Well that's what Jesus did for you and He loves you more then anyone you have known, do know or will know.... 

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Also for more information pick up a Bible and read Genesis 3:15 , Micah 5:2 , Isaiah 7:14 , Genesis 12:3 , Genesis 22:18 , Genesis 17:19 , Genesis 21:12 , Numbers 24:17 , Genesis 49:10 , 2nd Samuel 7:12-13 , Isaiah 9:6-7 , Psalm 45:6-7 , Daniel 2:44 , Hosea 11:1 , Jeremiah 31:15 , Isaiah 40:3-5 , Psalm 69:8 , Isaiah 53:3 , Deuteronomy 18:15 , Malachi 4:5-6 , Psalm 2:7 , Isaiah 9:1-2 , Psalm 78:2-4 , Isaiah 6:9-10 , Isaiah 61:1-2 , Psalm 110:4 , Psalm 2:6 , Zechariah 9:9 , Psalm 8:2 , Psalm 41:9 , Zechariah 11:12-13 , Psalm 35:11 ,  Isaiah 53:7 , Isaiah 50:6 , Psalm 35:19 , Psalm 69:4 , Isaiah 53:12 , Psalm 69:21 , Psalm 22:16 , Zechariah 12:10 , Psalm 22:7-8 , Psalm 22:18 , Exodus 12:46 , Psalm 34:20 ,  Psalm 22:1 , Psalm 109:4 ,  Isaiah 53:9 , Psalm 16:10 , Psalm 49:15 , Psalm 24:7-10 , Psalm 68:18 , Psalm 110:1 , Isaiah 53:5-12 , Matthew 26:1- 28: 20 , Mark  14:12-16:20 , Luke 22:1-24:53 and John 13:1-21:25 

Here are some songs that I think go well with this that I wanna share Petra - Judas Kiss Petra - It Is Finished! Petra - All Over Me Petra - He Came, He Saw, He Conquered Steve Green - He Holds The Keys Abandon - Hero  Dallas Holm - Rise Again Jeremy Riddle - Sweetly Broken Hillsong - At The Cross 

"Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him and he with Me." Revelation 3:20 NIV. 

"The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" And let him who hears say, "Come!" Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life." Revelation 22:17 NIV. 

GOD bless you

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