Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I am not afraid of you, in fact, I forever refuse to be afraid of you and here’s why. You could kill me right now and yet though I die I will yet live. You can kill my body but you can’t kill my soul and I fear Him who can throw my body and soul into hell and you are not Him. Greater is He who lives in me then you who live in the world, in fact, He has overcome the world. What you are doing is not a new thing there is nothing new under the sun it has all been said and done before. Christians like myself have been persecuted since 2015 years ago we have had our brothers and sisters stoned, jailed, tortured, set aflame, beheaded, mocked, beaten, and so much more. No matter what you do you will never stop us we will continue to believe in and spread the Gospel and there is not a thing one you can do about it. You can get rid of every Church, every Bible and every Christian and the Gospel would still be spread and preached because you can’t kill GOD, in fact, humanity already tried to do that it’s called the crucifixion and He rose on the third day and still lives and reigns and will forever reign no matter what you say or do. GOD sent His only begotten Son to live a perfect life we can’t live, die and for all our sins past present and future and rise again and that’s exactly what Jesus the Christ did. Your only hope ISIS is to believe the Gospel. You are fighting a losing battle it may look now like you are winning but in the end, you will lose as GOD has already won this battle. Jesus is going to come back someday maybe in five minutes maybe in a week maybe not for years to come but He will return and judge all and set things right. No one but GOD knows when He will return. If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that GOD the Father GOD the Son GOD the Holy Spirit raised Jesus from the dead you will be saved. What will you choose? I hope and pray ISIS that you will choose to believe the Gospel.


Chelliah Laity said...

Your Christian spirit shines through in this post. God bless you.

Ralph Douglas said...

Well.............................I hope that I dont get beheaded,but many Christians through the years have died for their faith. Just remember to tell them that if I die i will get to heaven before you!