Saturday, October 8, 2016

My pet peeves part 2

Here is part 2 of my pet peeves in no particular order...

People who follow me on Pinterest or Twitter or Facebook or YouTube or my blog and then complain about everything I post. If you don't like my posts then don't follow me.

When I share my feelings and someone tells me that I don't really feel that way or tells me how I should feel. Unless you're my therapist you have no right telling me what I feel. You are not me I decide what I feel not you. When I share about my life instead of just listening to people give their unasked advice. If I want advice I will ask otherwise I don't wanna hear your advice.

People who feel sorry for me because I have Asperger's. I don't want nor need your pity.

People who tell me not to wear high heels because I'm already tall and then tell me it's bad for my feet and goes into a whole speech about it. I'm wearing the heels not you so I'll decide what's comfortable for me, not you. Yes, I'm tall for a lady there is not one law anywhere at all that says if you're a lady taller than a certain height you can't wear high heels. So unless there is shut up I don't wanna hear it. I like my high heels I enjoy wearing them and I'm allowed to wear them.
People who post fake job listings on job sites. You know it's hard enough to find work without having the hassle of a fake job listed.
People who say retard as a put-down. Or when they think something or someone is lame or dumb they say retard. This is incredibly offensive. You don't say the N-word, do you?? I hope not. The word retard is just as offensive as that N word. There are those with medical retardation so before you use the word retard as a put-down or something along those lines I think you need to make a detailed list of all the things that those who have medical retardation have done to you personally to deserve that.

People who use the term short bus to call someone stupid. I used to ride the short bus and now my brother rides it too. If you use the term short bus to call someone stupid I want you to give me a detailed analysis of why you think that's ok to do. Life is hard enough with special needs don't need your help to make it worse.

People who pretend they are the admin or moderator in a chat room or forum when they aren't and they act like they have so much power when they don't.

People who make half a dozen rules for their Facebook page or group. I understand not wanting swearing or bullying but when it get's to only posts about certain things on certain days or stuff like that it's stupid.

When I tell a joke and people take it seriously. It's called a sense of humor please get one.

When people (usually men) say that since I'm in a bad mood I must be having my time of the month. I have bad days just like everybody else it doesn't mean I'm having my time of the month. If a woman is having her time of the month you never tell her that anyways not unless you have a death wish.

Over dramatic news stations such as CNN.

People who think that just because I disagree with them it means I'm judging them, condemning them and it means I hate them. Just because I disagree with you doesn't automatically mean I hate your guts. We can disagree and still be friends that is called tolerance. You don't have to agree with me and I don't have to agree with you.

People who when driving they speed. There is a speed limit it's there for a reason and it shouldn't take a cop to slow you down.

The baby on board sticker. It's so stupid. The adults on board wanna live too.

The stick figure family sticker. Nobody cares about your stick figure family.

The car alarm. When hearing one nobody says "oh a car must be getting stolen I must call 911" no all anyone says is "please shut your car up." All your doing with a car alarm is advertising that you have something worth stealing.

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Ralph Douglas said...

Oh dear are not going to agree with everything that I say here. I am a real admin of several facebook groups. In fact,two of the groups I created myself.And I have more than half a dozen rules, and this is because I run a clean group without swearing or pornography.All rules are made to be broken,and so I am lenient with the rules at times.But it gives me the right to remove individuals that dont conform to Facebook Community Standards.Admins of facebook groups can have their profile removed from facebook,or the entire group can be removed, grammer,and expressions..they differ from country to country and English spelling is different from the way that words are spelt in America. And words can have different meanings in different countries also.Enjpoy your day everyone! RALPh