Saturday, October 1, 2016

My top ten pet peeves

Here is a list of my top ten pet peeves in no particular order...

1. People who chew with their mouth open. I do not want nor need to see what you are eating.

2. The ad's that pop up on YouTube in the middle of watching something.

3. The nicknames of Celebrity couples such as Brangelina. As if they morphed into one person.

4. The whole gangsta thug thing. Please, guys, pull your pants up I don't wanna see your underwear.

5. People who hug me then tell me "I'm sorry I have a cold." Yes you should be sorry because now I have your cold thanks to you.

6. People who like their own statuses on Facebook.

7. Twelve-year-olds on Facebook who under relationship they put "it's complicated." What exactly is so complicated you can't find your favorite crayons or something??

8. People who text and drive. Do you have a death wish??

9. Backseat drivers. Unless you're the one driving keep your mouth shut about how to drive.

10. When I say I have a cold or something and everyone is instantly a doctor telling me what meds to take and stuff. If I want your medical opinion I'll ask for it.


Ralph Douglas said...

You do have a right to your opinions.....................

Ralph Douglas said...

You have a right to your comments
But why should I have to prove that im not a robot.....I pinch myself every day and if I was a robot I would not be able to feel it!