All the gadgets on my blog and what they do

This is a list of what all the gadgets are on the blog, where they are located and what they do.

At the top just below The World Of Mismatched Socks title is a search bar. Use this to search for a specific blog or blog's on a certain subject. Just type it in and press search and the results will come up.

Underneath the search bar the Pages. These are pages that will have interesting information for you to use. The first one is Blog links and contact information and then there's this one of all the gadget's and how they are used. This is here so I don't have to keep repeating this same information.

On the right

Pageviews last month - This shows the stats of how many people have viewed this blog in the last month.

Subscribe To - Use this to subscribe to my blog or my blog comments or both using Yahoo or netvibes.

Follow by email - Use this to follow my blog via email.

Featured Post - This is a post that I choose to feature at random.

Blog archive - Use this to look through all of my blogs.

Popular Posts - These are the top five most popular posts.

On the left

Translate - Use this to translate my blog into almost any language.

Poll - There won't always be a poll here but when there is please click and vote.

About Me - Just a little about myself.

Followers - All the people who follow me. Thank you so much for following me. I highly recommend you follow their blogs as well.

Labels - Think of these as hashtags. Click the word and all the blogs containing that word will pop up. The number beside the word is how much that word is used in my blog.

At the bottom of each blog post post you can now react to a post as either Good, Bad, Interesting or Boring. There are also buttons at the bottom of each post so you can share each blog post on a variety of social media. Each blog post will have it's label's now at the bottom and my short biography at the bottom of each blog post.

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